Deconstructing the Relationship between Genetics and Race

- Nature Reviews Genetics
Author/s: -Bamshad, Michaela -Wooding, Stephen -Salisbury, Benjamin A -Stephens, J Claiborne
Journal: Nature Reviews Genetics
Year: 2004
Volume: 5
Pages: 598
Start Page: 598

The success of many strategies for finding genetic variants that underlie complex traits depends on how genetic variation is distributed among human populations. This realization has intensified the investigation of genetic differences among groups, which are often defined by commonly used racial labels. Some scientists argue that race is an adequate proxy of ancestry, whereas others claim that race belies how genetic variation is apportioned. Resolving this controversy depends on understanding the complicated relationship between race, ancestry and the demographic history of humans. Recent discoveries are helping us to deconstruct this relationship, and provide better guidance to scientists and policy makers.