Hippocrates Revisited? Old Ideals and New Realities

- Genomic Medicine
Author/s: -Lunshof, Jeantine E -Chadwick, Ruth -Church, George M
Journal: Genomic Medicine
Year: 2008
Volume: 2
Issue: 1
Pages: 3
Start Page: 3

Individual genomics has arrived, personal decisions to make use of it are a new reality. What are the implications for the patientphysician relationship? In this article we address three factors that call the traditional concept of confidentiality into question. First, the illusion of absolute data safety, as shown by medical informatics. Second, data sharing as a standard practice in genomics research. Comprehensive data sets are widely accessible. Third, genotyping has become a service that is directly available to consumers. The availability and accessibility of personal health data strongly suggest that the roles in the clinical encounter need to be remodeled. The old ideal of physicians as keepers of confidential information is outstripped by the reality of individuals who decide themselves about the way of using their data.

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