Results of the clinical donor case and quality system case workshops of the European Association of Tissue Banks annual meeting 2009

- Cell Tissue Bank
Author/s: -van Wijk, M. J. -Poniatowski, S. -Fehily, D. -Brubaker, S. A. -Eastlund, T. -Kurz, J. -Parker, R. -Beele, H. -Herson, M. R. -Monig, H. J. -Chandrasekar, A. -Holovska, V. -Wysocka-Wycisk, A. -Brown, M. S. -Winstanley, E. -Sanchez-Ibanez, J. -Warwick, R. M.
Journal: Cell Tissue Bank
Year: 2012
Volume: 13
Issue: 1
Pages: 191-202

The European Association of Tissue Banks (EATB) Donor Case Workshop and Quality System Case workshop are forums held within the program of the EATB Annual Congress. These workshops offer an opportunity to discuss and evaluate approaches taken to challenging situations, regarding donor selection and quality issues, and strengthen the professional tissue banking and regulatory networks across Europe. This report reflects some of the discussion at the congress workshops and also subsequent correspondence between the various individuals who submitted cases for discussion. The cases presented to the workshops demonstrate that the findings, their interpretation, deducted actions and preventive measures in tissue banks are not predictable. The varied responses and lack of consensus corroborate this and clearly indicate that operating procedures cannot comprehensively cover or prepare for all eventualities. For many of the issues raised there is a lack of information in the published literature. The workshops actively engage participants, representing a wide array of international expertise, in an informal, secure and enjoyable setting, which facilitates learning from peers and provides potential solutions to those submitting cases. By publishing a summary of the discussions, we hope to reach a wider audience and to stimulate individuals to undertake full literature reviews or research on some of the discussed subjects.