The use of stored tissue samples from minors for genetic research: interviews with professionals

- New Genetics and Society
Author/s: -Hens, Kristien -Dierickx, Kris
Journal: New Genetics and Society
Year: 2010
Volume: 29
Issue: 3
Pages: 329-342

Stored tissue sample collections from minors are useful for genetic research. The ethics of the use of stored tissue samples for genetic research continues be a much debated topic of discussion. The use of pediatric samples poses specific ethical questions. Although a substantial corpus of empirical literature exists on the use of samples from adults, not much is known about the opinion of professionals on the use of samples from children. We conducted ten interviews with professionals in the field. Their primary concerns were the fact that consent procedures should not be too bureaucratic, the need for proper research design and privacy protections, the fact that research should not burden children and guidance from ethics committees.