Bodies of science and law: forensic DNA profiling, biological bodies, and biopower

- Journal of Law and Society
Author/s: -Toom, Victor
Journal: J Law Soc
Year: 2012
Volume: 39
Issue: 1
Pages: 150-166
Start Page: 150

How is jurisdiction transferred from an individual’s biological body to agents of power such as the police, public prosecutors, and the judiciary, and what happens to these biological bodies when transformed from private into public objects? These questions are examined by analysing bodies situated at the intersection of science and law. More specifically, the transformation of ‘private bodies’ into ‘public bodies’ is analysed by going into the details of forensic DNA profiling in the Dutch jurisdiction. It will be argued that various ‘forensic genetic practices’ enact different forensic genetic bodies’. These enacted forensic genetic bodies are connected with various infringements of civil rights, which become articulated in exploring these forensic genetic bodies’‘normative registers’.