Personalized Medicine in the Era of Genomics

- Journal of the American Medical Association
Author/s: -Burke, Wylie -Psaty, Bruce M
Journal: Journal of the American Medical Association
Year: 2007
Volume: 298
Issue: 14
Pages: 1682
Start Page: 1682

Enthusiastic predictions about personalized medicine have surrounded the sequencing of the human genome. As commonly used, the term predicts a leap forward in disease prevention and drug treatment, based on knowledge of individual genetic susceptibilities. 1- 2 According to Guttmacher and colleagues, “genomics-based knowledge and tools promise the ability to approach each patient as the biological individual he or she is, thereby radically changing our paradigms and improving efficacy.” 3 Some emerging tests support this promise: mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes identify women who have a high lifetime risk for breast and ovarian cancer 4 and who are candidates for breast magnetic resonance imaging screening 5 or prophylactic surgery. 6 Similarly, many pharmacogenetic tests are under development as a means to improve the safety and efficacy of drug treatment. 7