What is Nutrigenomics?

- Croatian Journal of Food Technology, Biotechnology and Nutrition
Author/s: -Basic, Martina -Zrnec, Dario -Butorac, Ana -Jurcevic, Irena Landeka -Dikic, Domagoj -Bacun-Druzina, Visnja
Journal: Croatian Journal of Food Technology, Biotechnology and Nutrition
Year: 2011
Volume: 6
Issue: 1-2
Pages: 37
Start Page: 37

The success of sequencing the human genome has led to the increasing understanding of causes and thus the prevention of various human
illnesses. It is understood that by adjusting ones dieting habits one can prevent disease appearance. Such knowledge has made way for a new
discipline in the fi eld of nutrition research, nutrigenomics. This novel direction of molecular nutrition provides insight into the interaction of
the food we consume and our genetic profi le, and therefore grants the possibility to develop new methods of treatment and disease prevention.
This article encloses the description of the primary objective and the methods of nutrigenomics as well as its practical implementation in the
development of an individual diet concept.

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